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Let Data tell you the story

Everything people do is being stored somewhere. As an individual, a member of society, a person this sentence makes me feel really uncomfortable and as I am being watched, as a person that builds products and creates content this excites me.

Data can tell you many things about the world and how everything behaves, even in some cases predict the future with a higher degree of confidence. In some cases Data can be the key, it can help you make decisions about what feature to build, or what content you should focus on, or what platform you should use to get customers/clients/followers.

You just have to listen to what data has to tell you

So how can you do it, you might be asking:

The best way to make anyone talk to you is to ask questions and listen to what people are saying. Well with Data it is exactly the same. Ask a question a simple one, see what you find out, and start to go deep. Ask more questions, ask why, if you can’t think of anything else.

Sometimes we want so much to get an answer, that we will see that answer everywhere we look. Like in anything we do our brain has the ability to make us see what we want to see. So if you are looking for a particular answer, remember that you are looking for that answer and be extra critical about it. Ask more questions, see the data from a different angle, do statistical analysis or more rigorous ones.

In a world, that everyone wants to be data-driven and have all the decisions made by data, don’t forget that Data can lead to wrong results. Data is an image of the past and can tell you its story. In some cases, it can make predictions about the future, but it will never make 100% accurate predictions. So use the data, listen to the data, but also listen to your gut, to your intuition.

Data exists in the world, and some say that in the future is going to be the next commodity so don’t be afraid to use it.



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